About You

Hi beautiful mom, This is Barbara and I get it!

Women come to me confused and overwhelmed by their disease.

I help ill career moms overcome degenerative life style diseases, specifically Diabetes and Cancer.

Wouldn't you love to lower your Blood Sugar & FBS numbers to below 100 and keep them there?

Wouldn't you love to use life-giving protocols to rid your cancer for you to not just to survive, but to also thrive?

Isn't it time to have the strength, energy and the time to get your family healthy meals on the table every day?  

Wouldn't you just love to have simple, nutritious and delicious recipes and easy to follow meal plans that you help create for
healthy meals, so that you can? 

With Diabetes These are 3 things you are putting up with
1. Diabetes management - pumps, injections, sugar tests, meal prep, doctors appointments
2. Low energy and brain fog
3. Spouse, family, friends & boss, co-workers without diabetes, do they really understand what I'm going through?

With Cancer  These are 3 things you are putting up with:
1. Cancer management, treatments and doctors visits
2. Loss of your hair, energy, clarity, sleep
3. A destroyed immune system and loss of appetite, organs, lymph nodes

5 Emotional Issues Associated with Career Moms with One or Both of These Debilitating Diseases

1. Will my disease incapacitate or kill me? I don't want to die.
2. I already have such a busy life without my disease.
3. Do my spouse, family, friends and boss really understand what I'm going through? 
4. I'm feeling confused, overwhelmed and depressed about my disease & daily life. 
5. I wish I could wave a magic wand and get rid of my disease forever.

You crave 
1. optimal health
2. vitality
3. energy
4. great relationships 
5. someone who is there to listen to you and to support you through pain, so many different emotions, fears and feelings,
6. someone who will take you from illness to wellness allowing your body to heal itself and to achieve balance with tasty and nourishing whole fresh foods and dreamy self care to survive and thrive.  


5 Benefits of having a health coach

1.  50 minute appointments

2. Nutrition, Dietary, Relationships- self, spouse, family, career, Emotions, Stress Reduction training

3. Great listener

4. Results driven to assist you and your health from where you are now, illness, to where you want to be, living your desired results, achieving wellness.

5. Accountability to achieve #4 


It's Time To Transform Your Life. You Deserve It!

Give yourself PERMISSION to now.

 Namaste.  Welcome to Refresh Your Life Now!    

I help ill moms overcome degenerative dis-eases.

My focus is guiding women touched by Diabetes, Cancer, and Coronary Heart dis-ease who like you are struggling with family, career and your dis-ease to obtain the results you seek.  To live your life, not manage your dis-ease.

I will help you to overcome:  pain, fear, anxiety, excessive dis-ease management, stress, low energy, and weight issues to regain strength, energy, clarity, courage, emotional health, optimal health and weight to live your purpose without managing your life, but living it.  

You'll talk, I'll listen, and together we will draw up your custom plan using:

1. more nutritious foods,
2. soothing selfcare,
3. delicious menu plans,
4. recipe creation, or
5. simply talking, to heal your body and soul and tame, if not eliminate, your dis-ease along the way. I am here to listen to your life story, what you ache for and your goals. 

I am passionate about many things. One area that I feel so strongly about is the sharing of unbiased information.  So strongly in fact, it is part of my mission statement. This way you can make informed decisions relating to your healing, your health and wellness.  Alternative practices alone or integrated with modern medicine are eye opening protocols to healng for many. You are in charge of your wellbeing, your health, your life. Noone else.

Maybe you are looking for some changes because you know your life isn't quite right.  You're tired, in some kind of pain, want to lose weight and keep it off once and for all, in an emotional void, foggy brain, severe insulin drops, you pass out, have the sweats, your eyesight is diminishing and more. You are hurrying and mangaging  your life not living it, the list goes on.  What you are sure of is you don't know quite how to begin to transform away from any of this and leave it all behind.

Do any of these questions, or others, swirl through your mind for a while, every night before you fall asleep? Are they there again as soon as you wake up in the morning?  This  is quite common.  Yet it's an unhealthy roller coaster affect which increases stress and inflammation which leads to dis-ease.

I will teach, guide and support you to the right side of your questions for a simple, positive and healthy impact on your life.

Perhaps you are fuzzy on your goals and how to verbalize them to be able to achieve them. When you can, you will be able to make the changes last for the rest of your life with a health coach to guide, support and listen. You might also have some fears or discomforts deep down inside around the why(s). Your biggest wish is to feel supported without judgement while transforming to a better life.

The first step is to  write out what is not working for you, where you are now and then decide your goals and the actual results from them you want to achieve.  Have no fear, this is fairly simple to do.  My Free 50 minute health consultation will achieve this for you.

There could easily be more than one underlying cause of the inbalance in possibly many, quite different areas in your life that you are not aware of.  These are most likely the cause of the dis-ease you live with daily.

If you are you managing or fighting Diabetes, Cancer, Coronary Heart dis-ease or autoimmune dis-seases, learning simple holistic practices, learning about healthier food and nutrition choices, easy self care practices from a trained coach and being patient and compassionate with yourself by taking time for YOU, round out your list of allies in your journey to a new lifestyle, one that you create for yourself.  You deserve this.

You probably want to be free.  Free of pain, meds, medical devices, excess weight, overwhelm, stress and dis-ease.  It is very possible to achieve all of these and more.

Why Manage Life? ® Live It! ®.  Refresh to the Good Life! ®  Today is the day you can start to refresh and transform to Live Your Life now.

I will be honored to teach, guide and support you on your journey.  Schedule your free  50 minute health strategy consultation, the first step to determine your goals  in the areas of health, happiness, relationships, spirituality, career, food, and vitality. 

With my non-judgemental support throughout you can make the changes YOU want in your life if you desire to, one step at a time, with simple holistic practices in my six month program which is customized to you or a personal full day VIP day intensive.

Could one conversation change your life? TM Schedule your free consultation today. Simply click here.
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